Founded in 2003, Big Skies has been working constantly ever since on new, exciting, retail-changing projects. We have a small core team and an extensive network of skilled, independent professionals to suit the needs of each new project as it comes.

Mostly we develop new retail equipment and/or manage rollouts for our retail clients.

Our own inventions make life easier for staff on the shop floor, including the patented ‘Facer’ range (available through HL Display) for pulling stock forward and the patent-pending ‘POP Shelf’ to aid with stock rotation, particularly in fresh food departments.

Collectively we also have many years’ experience in:

  • Designing and developing equipment to a brief, be it signage, shelving or loose equipment for stores.
  • Managing rollouts from start to finish including surveys, tenders, manufacture and installation. Projects have ranged from organising simple, internal signage installations, through to multi-million pound refrigeration changes. They frequently involve hundreds of stores.
  • Value engineering, whether purely for cost reduction, or to reduce environmental impacts by re-specifying materials and construction methods – they often go hand in hand.
  • Improving supply chain efficiencies, working with industry leaders to develop reusable packaging to carry products from source to shelf with minimal handling.
  • Surveying stores for equipment details, whether for specific rollouts or for on-going reference.
  • Maintaining specialist asset registers (e.g. refrigeration cabinets) on behalf of our retail clients.